Things to do in Thailand

With it’s beautiful beaches, cultural heritage, delightful cuisine and colourful nightlife, you will never be short of things to do in Thailand.

Thailand is a nation filled with spirituality, along with a dedicated Buddhist following. As such many travellers arrive here as part of a religious tour, or purely to discover Thailand for themselves. With over 90% of the population registered as Buddhist in the 2010 census, it’s no wonder the religion plays an integral role in everyday life.

If you join a local guide in Thailand, your sightseeing tour will take you through the many temples and palaces. Often adorned with golden ornaments and statues of Buddha himself, sacred cites in Thailand can be appreciated regardless of your individual beliefs.

When you visit Thailand, among your list of things to do should be the main attractions. There’s the Grand Palace of Bangkok, Sukhothai Old City, the Buddhist Temple of Wat Pho and the natural beauty of Erawan Falls.

Food tours in Thailand will take you through endless market stalls, where you can sample a range of street food along the way. By joining a walking tour in Thailand you can embrace the culture, or a bike tour can take you even further into your surroundings.

As for outdoor activities for the more adventurous, how about kite surfing lessons in Ko Lipe? You can always have an experience whale shark diving in Ko Thai. Alternatively head to North Thailand for some of the best white water rafting you can imagine.

Prefer to stay on dry land for a relaxing holiday? Then you will find your own taste of paradise in Koh Phangan and Koh Samui or with a boat trip out to the Phi Phi Islands. When it comes to things to do in Thailand after dark, then get ready to be entertained. You can arrange a pub crawl around Phuket, or beat the queues at some of the best clubs in Koh Samu.

If the busy lifestyle and party culture of Thailand gets all too much, you can always book in for a spa experience. Failing that, just head back to the beach…