Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy Bear Museum

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People of all ages will love the Teddy Bear Museum - where fantasy and reality are one! There are over 2000 dolls of various shapes and sizes in twelve zones here to enjoy.

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    1 Hour(s)
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  1. Tour Overview

    Pattaya's Teddy Bear Museum is the first in the world that does not have glass or barriers to keep visitors separate to the exhibit, meaning visitors here can squeeze, hug and cuddle the cute teddy bears during the picture-taking process. Other Teddy Bear museums around the world show their teddy bears inside glass showcases and only allow the people on the other side to take pictures. 

    The twelve zones are...

    1. Inca Zone - This zone represents the culture and Inca Empire’s being.

    2. Dinosaur Zone - There are many sculptures of large dinosaurs here.

    3. Fossil Zone - This zone is simulating the finding of a dinosaur. It is decorated with many teddy bears digging for dinosaur remains and it also have a sand floor for museum visitors to enjoy digging too.

    4. Africa Zone - This is the simulation zone with atmosphere of Africa. There are many animal dolls with a Range Rover car for the visitor to take a picture.

    5. Art Zone - Naughty scenes in the Museum, it is known as one of the more colourful and has some great photo opportunities.

    6. Under the sea Zone - Under the sea zone will bring the scenes of the sea and the fantasy world of the underwater city with lovely colorful fish.

    7. Winter Zone - Bringing Christmas to you.

    8. Dream Zone - Teddies in fairytales for the kids.

    9. Space Zone - This is the simulation zone with atmosphere of space. There are many Teddy bear with fantasy clothing, as Star Wars, Batman, Superman, and more soldiers.

    10. Funny Zone - The naughtiest, funniest, flashiest and most colourful zone.

    11. China Zone - The zone is displayed in the form of China. Decorated with stuffed teddy bear dressed in Chinese costumes demonstrated the uniqueness of China. And a cute chubby panda shaped sleeping giant waiting to take pictures with visitors.

    12. Europe Zone - The atmosphere in this area took to Europe, such as grassland, lamb and Castle Teddy Bear which are British soldiers Teddy Bear. In addition, there is a gazebo in the shape of a heart for lovers.

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  2. What's Included

    Entry to Teddy Bear Museum  

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    Transportation to/from Teddy Bear Museum 

    Any food, drinks, snacks or any personal expenses 

  4. Faq

    Please Note:

    Children must be between the heights of 90-130cms, otherwise Adult rate applies. 

    Children 2 years and younger and under 90 cm. free of charge.  

    09.00 am. to 21.30 pm. everyday. Last entry 20.30 pm 

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    Your camera 

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    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 0% if booking is cancelled 0 hours or less before event

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