Things to do in Seychelles

Welcome to things to do in the Seychelles. Officially known as the Republic of Seychelles, this wonderful group of islands beholds an experience of discovery.


Consisting of 115 separate islands in total, the Seychelles remain largely unhabituated. In fact, the majority of the population live on only a handful of islands. Leaving the remainder untouched, attracting an array of fauna and flora.


As such there are several exciting things to in the Seychelles. Perfect if you’re wishing to just relax, with plenty of endless tropical island beaches to choose from. However, the diverse landscape is also ideal for nature tours and other outdoor activities.


The beautiful coastlines are explored by those who enjoy diving/snorkelling holidays, with an underwater haven for all abilities. With the Seychelles out in the middle of the Indian Ocean, sailing experiences are unlike any other. While on a boat tour of the islands, your adventure will include turtles on Bird Island and the famous giant Aldabra tortoises of Curieuse.


Not only that, but adventure tours will take you out into the waters where you may even see whale sharks and other elusive sea life. The numerous islands, along with its beaches and rainforest also provide a fantastic location for bird watching.

Things to do in the Seychelles don’t stop their either. As a popular tourist destination, there are a number of key resorts on Mahe and Praslin, with plenty of night time activities to choose from. However, for something even more exclusive, you can always treat yourself to a tranquil break on Silhouette Island or a local tour of the North Island.

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Things to do in Seychelles


Full Day Mahe Island tour

Full Day Mahe Island tour

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Mahe Private full day tour

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