Top five most unusual holidays in Europe

If you are looking for something unusual to do on holiday in Europe, consider some of the following:

Yoga holiday Mallorca - La Serranía

La Serranía is a wonderful island hideaway set in the foothills of the Tramontana Mountains. The peace is amazing and you will be surrounded by old almond and olive trees. A yoga studio in the garden is the perfect area to enjoy your yoga classes and a swimming pool will provide a cool break on hot days. It is said to be one of the top five most unusual holiday destinations in Europe and it attracts yoga-lovers from all over the world. However, this is a peaceful retreat with superb mountain scenery that encourages guests to reconnect with nature during their classes. All equipment is provided and local produce and traditional Mallorcan cuisine is on the menu, prepared by the amazing kitchen team.

Detox and weight loss retreat

If you are looking to lose some weight consider a weight loss retreat holiday. Individual programmes will be especially created for you! If you feel tired and grumpy then maybe your body is in dire need of a detox. The nutritionist has designed juices and lovely meals that cleanse and rebalance bodies, whilst giving essential nutrients required for good health. Here you have the option to juice or to eat during your visit, as opposed to a silly starvation diet where you are always hungry! Every food option at retreats is designed to cleanse and help you towards your ideal weight. What you will notice upon arrival - guests who have been here for a few days look radiant with shining eyes and clear and glowing skin.

Gran Paradiso Unusual Mountaineering Course & Ascent Holiday in Italy

This is the highest peak in Italy and the seventh highest in the Graian Alps, Gran Paradiso is located between the Aosta Valley and the Piedmont regions in Northern Italy, and is an achievable and rewarding first European ascent. You will learn introductory skills for mountaineering, and then try out your skills on a training climb followed by an ascent of Gran Paradiso where you will see the most awe-inspiring views. Combining the climb with an ascent of Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn or the Eiger make for one of the top five most bizarre Adventure holidays in Europe!

Singing Holiday in Portugal

Why not stay in a 12th century monastery for a week-long singing holiday in Portugal and your inner self will feel the superb benefits in a delightful and relaxing way. Your stay in Portugal’s Braga area provides the mainstay to your visit, whilst you enjoy two courses, on different dates, with the amazing expert vocal tuition of Mary King (Secular Choral Course) and the fabulous conducting talents of Neil Ferries (Sacred Choral Course). However, both courses end with an amazing finale as you partake in a public concert to emphasise what you’ve learned on your visit. As well as the tuition you will of course, socialise, relax and have fun with sight-seeing, wine tasting and delicious barbeques. Wolf Spotting in France

Well this certainly has to be one of the top five most bizarre Adventure holidays in Europe!

The wolf is an extremely rare sight in Europe nowadays but gradually, he has returned. Wild wolves live in the Park, in tiny numbers, and throughout the year when the peaks are covered in snow, you will enjoy five wonderful days walking whilst searching out any wolf activity.  The time of the wolf opened in 2005 – and allows you to immerse yourself in the myth that surrounds the wolf legend and come face to face with these incredible inhabitants. There have already been litters of cubs born in the region, so they must really like their new home.

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