Top family destinations in Turkey

Turkey is home to a choice of family-friendly holiday resorts with a vast range of attractions for all ages. Turkey combines stunning beaches with some of the world’s most fascinating monuments and modern entertainment venues. Three of the top places in Turkey for a family holiday include:


Boasting a beautiful location where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, Marmaris enjoys a rich cultural heritage and breath-taking surroundings. Ancient cities, modern marinas and a vast natural harbour are just some of the attractions in the city. This large and vibrant resort is home to a fantastic choice of shops, bars, cafés and restaurants. Marmaris is a modern resort but still retains much of its original charm in the Old Quarter of town with its narrow alleyways and winding streets. The resort has a long, sweeping bay which is ideal for sun seekers who want to chill out in style, or you can visit the nearby resort of Icmeler which has one of the best beaches in the region. Marmaris Castle which dates back to 3000BC is also worth a visit, and after extensive restoration work has a small museum with Turkish artefacts. No visit to Turkey would be complete without a soak in a Turkish bath. After a busy day sightseeing, this is the perfect way to unwind and relax. For kids of all ages, why not visit one of the Marmaris Aqua Parks or take a stroll along the promenade, stopping off at one of the many waterside cafés and enjoy the spectacular views


Bodrum is famous for its climate, history, restaurants and entertainment venues, not to mention its superb beaches. Once you arrive in Bodrum you will find a wide choice of attractions within walking distance. The coastline surrounding Bodrum offers incredible sailing experiences and water sports activities in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. Fishing and yachting are also popular activities. Historic spots worthy of mention include: Bodrum Castle which was built by Rhodes Knights in the 15th century and dedicated to St. Peter, and the ancient cities of Myndos, Termena, Telmisos, Kadiyanda and Theangela. Beach lovers should visit Bardakci, which is near to the town centre, and is famous for its clear sea and natural springs. Local cuisine is offered in most eateries in Gumbet, including delicious Turkish kebabs and sweets including Turkish delight and Baklava. Famous Bodrum dishes include octopus stew, pumpkin flowers, herb salads, lamb stews and stuffed vine leaves.


Boasting a diverse range of attractions, including ancient ruins, a wide choice of water sports and long sandy beaches, Fethiye attracts thousands of holidaymakers each year. Beautiful natural landscapes and bays, combined with highly developed facilities provide a wealth of things to see and do for all ages. Fethiye is a relaxed town with breath-taking views over the sea, and is often the start or end point for gulet cruises. The inner bay is a natural harbour, protected from adverse weather by Sovalye Adasi Island. If you are planning a trip to Turkey, book an excursion or guided tour of the region you are staying in to make the most of your visit. Adventure tours, historic and cultural tours, rural tours and gastronomic tours are available in all of Turkey’s major cities and holiday resorts.

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