Top 5 most amazing experiences in France

There are so many amazing options and destinations to discover and explore in every corner of this stunning country. So, if you planning on travelling to France this year - then do check out the top 5 most amazing experiences: Every little corner of the country is worth visiting regardless of season,

Eiffel Tower

Of course, this stunning monument had to be one of the top five amazing experiences to visit in France. It was built for the World Fair in 1889 and soars to a height of over 980 feet and actually took two years and two months to construct. Probably the best way to explore this fabulous monument is on a tour accompanied by a guide. This way you will, be able to go behind the scenes and visit the former bunker (hidden under the Champ de Mars) and the impressive engine room, which to this day controls the elevators. On the first floor you will discover some of the Tower’s history and technology and there is also a snack-bar, restaurant, souvenir shops and even a post office. The second floor has 360° views over Paris and is the perfect place to take photographs of the city. You can also enjoy fantastic French cuisine 125 metres above Paris in the famous Jules Verne restaurant. The third floor explains about Gustave Eiffel’s life through displays of historical scenes with wax figures.

Mont St-Michel

Another top 5 most amazing experiences in France is the Mont-Saint-Michel and is one of Europe’s most amazing sights. It is situated in the stunning bay near Normandy and is the most visited tourist attraction in France. It is a fascinating mediaeval walled city, headed by a great gothic abbey and was one of the first monuments to be classed as a UNESCO world heritage site. However, it is not just a church built on a rock but a whole mediaeval city, one of the few regions in France to have been kept very well preserved. There is so much to explore including various religious monuments, quaint old houses, narrow streets, hotels, restaurants and beautiful shops, there are plenty of tour operators to take you there, or you can drive to the car park, and take the free shuttle bus or walk which will take about 50 minutes.

Moulin Rouge

One of the top 5 most amazing experiences in France - is to enjoy an evening dinner show at the Moulin Rouge There is a choice of three different menus and also half a bottle of Champagne is included in the price. After the delicious cuisine you will see the French Cancan performed just as it should be and then experience the magic of the Moulin Rouge's "Féerie" review which is a troupe of 100 artists, including 60 legendary Doriss Girls, all dressed in the most stunning costumes of feathers, rhinestones and sequins.  Do please note, Moulin Rouge tickets sell out months in advance, so book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Musee du Louvre

This is one of the largest museums in the world, even the main entrance to the Louvre is a stunning work of art. Inside the museum is a massive collection of some of world's most exquisite artefacts including Egyptian mummies, Code of Hammurabi, Venus de Milo and Leonardo's Mona Lisa. The Louvre's fabulous collection of paintings dates back to the reign of Francis I of France. The best way to see it is with an experienced guide who will explain about the famous pieces and show you other secret gems.

Hot Air Balloon Flights

The site is situated near to Chateau de Versailles and offers hot air balloon flights in the morning or evening. The flights are not only an ideal way to see all the stunning landscapes and architecture from above, but also the perfect way to add a sparkle of romance to a special moment in your life - maybe an anniversary or birthday; or what a beautiful way to propose to a loved one!

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