Top 10 adventure holidays in France

There are so many exciting and thrilling adventure holidays in every corner of France. Whether it’s in the mountains or by the sea, here are the top ten best adventure and outdoor activities you can experience in France.

Night Rollerblading in Paris

Fancy skating at night on the streets of Paris where renowned historical figures like Monet or Hemingway once walked?  The guides meet each Friday, unless it is raining and skate at night - Belle Époque style.

Cycling On a Glacier

If you love cycling and have a passion for mountain biking, then the French Alps is where to go! There are the Pyrénées and many other stunning places to cycle; you are close to biking paths all the time. Megavalanche takes place in Alpe d’Huez — one of the grandest mountain resorts in France and home to Tour de France.

Horse Riding

One of the top 10 adventure holidays in France is horse riding. Indeed it can be done in any country but where else do you have the chance to ride through amazing vineyards in the Provence and enjoy the views of the Atlantic Ocean. There are plenty of Equestrian centres around the country to choose from, that are open all year-round.


There is no better way to experience the outdoors of France than climbing. The Alps are much steeper than the Pyrénées, so you have many climbing opportunities. As the French love hiking and climbing, you will find various check points all over the mountains as well as helpful people to assist you.


Another top 10 adventure that definitely gives you an adrenaline rush! France has drop zones in the west and north of Paris. There are lots of skydiving clubs, with some that offer diverse landscapes such as the Alps, the Pyrénées, or even flying over historical castles.


Some of the most exciting ski slopes in the world are found in France, as well as plenty of opportunities for off-piste skiing. There are so many slopes, resorts, mountains, and hills to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice.


France has some stunning coastlines. The most glorious waves are to be found more in the west, on the Atlantic Coast. You can choose between the famous town of Biarritz on the Basque coast or Brittany. The currents there are extremely strong, and attract a lot of surfers to the area.


This type of adventure is definitely becoming a top ten adventure especially in the canyons of France. You can slide down to the caves and follow hidden rivers hidden situated in the mountains and if you are not too tired, perhaps combine it with caving.  There are lots of canyoning clubs in France that will help to make this a fantastic exhilarating adventure.


Canyoning may be a bit too advanced for some people, so why not try canoeing — it is a perfect alternative. It is very popular in France, and many people even have a canoe at home. The very fast rivers in the mountains are perfect for the more experienced, however, there are lots of relaxing sites to choose from, better suited to beginners.

Outdoor Wine Tasting

After all these top ten adventures - why not just relax and enjoy a glass of wine outside? They do say drinking one glass of wine per day makes us healthier. Also, it is good to treat yourself after a long adventure day!

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