Things to do in Malta

Malta is a group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the world's smallest countries. However, even though it is small it is the eighth most tightly populated country in the world! The Republic of Malta is made up of 7 islands in total. The largest is Malta itself, followed by Gozo which is about 6 kilometres away. In between Malta and Gozo is the minute island of Comino. You can also visit the other four Maltese islands, although these are uninhabited.

There are many stunning places of interest and things to do in Malta, all of which are in close proximity of each other. It is easy to get about the islands, either by public transport or making use of local car hire. As there is only ever a short distance between the various sights. That often means that when it comes to things to do in Malta, you will be able to see much more in a day than other destinations in Europe. The islands have so much to offer the avid traveller, with a rich, captivating history and ancient cultures. There are lots of things to do in Malta, all within the charming old villages, countryside and sea shores. The capital is Valletta, built by the Knights of St. John in the 16th Century and probably contains the most attractions to visit.

Around every corner, you can find yet another splendid point of interest. If you really want to soak it all up - then you will need to spend a day or two exploring the various sites. The Valletta Waterfront is a gorgeous small area on the harbour side with a row of buildings, once used for storage and customs. They have since been been restored with colourful restaurants and shaded outside terraces, making it a fabulous place for a bite to eat and a drink with stunning views over the Grand Harbour. You can either take the Upper Barrakka lift down to the harbour or a 10-minute walk with interesting sights along the way. Alternatively, take a long hike around Buskett which is one of the few forested areas in Malta. Visit the famous Popeye’s Village at Anchor Bay, where after exploring the rickety village. Once on the beach, why not put on a pair of goggles and go snorkelling; the bay is magical. Take a trip to the Bastion Square in the medieval built city of Mdina and get a real flavour of the history of Malta.  If you don’t fancy a walking tour around Mdina, take a ride through the streets on the karozzin (horse-drawn carriage).

You can then relax and indulge in some delectable sweets at the top of the hill at Fontanella Cafe. The perfect place to enjoy the breath-taking views over Malta.  If you are visiting around April, then join in the Medieval Mdina Event. Locals and tourists alike watch the historic re-enactments within the charming surroundings of the Silent City. Don't forget to take a ferry cruise over to the lovely islands of Gozo and Comino! Both offer some excellent swimming, snorkelling and diving in the beautiful Mediterranean. There are stunning caves to explore such as the famous Calypso Cave and breathtaking walks. You can visit UNESCO World Heritage sites and take in the baroque architecture of the Knights of St John. Other things to do in Malta include an exciting calendar of cultural events, from grand opera to lively village fiestas.

Feast days are part of traditional life of the Islands and some of the holy days are also national holidays. These include the feast of Santa Marija held in mid-August. Other festivals include the harvest festival of Mnarja held at the end of June which has a folklore theme. However, the most important events are the individual village fiestas, honoring their parish patron saint. The festivities are all about food, drink and high spirits bringing out the Mediterranean ancestry of the locals. Families prepare huge lunches and the streets are lined with carts, selling a wide assortment of different foods as well as the more traditional delicacies. Other events include Malta Fireworks Festival, the International Arts Festival, Notte Bianca, the Malta Jazz Festival and Malta World Music Festival. The Hop on-Hop off Bus service can take you to many of the famous places in Malta and there is also one that goes around Gozo!  Take a look at two super tours on offer - one in Valletta and one on the island of Gozo:

River Cruise in Malta, Valletta

This relaxed cruise lasts around 90 minute giving you a detailed commentary as you sail around Valletta’s harbour. You will pass by two natural harbours on either side of Valletta. Marsamxett Harbour and the Grand Harbour, which provide frequent photo opportunities as you explore the many inlets and yacht-stocked marinas. The cruise is well-known for sailing into every creek there is, so you can see the closest achievable views.  Sit back as you relax and enjoy the sights. As you take in the views, the informative commentary will tell you all about the rich history and fantastic stories behind the Three Cities.

Food and Wine Tour in Malta, Gozo

Escape the city of Malta and unwind in the lovely island of Gozo!  Enjoy the gorgeous food and wine. This amazing tour will take you on a wonderful scenic ride along the coast. Showing you all the best food and wine Malta has to offer. You will visit a family run business and sample locally produced foods. You will also visit a local a local family run vineyard and learn about the distinctive Gozitan wine production. Here you can sample the delicious full-bodied, fruity wines. Book a tour today and enjoy just some of the many amazing things to do in Malta.

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