The Top Ten Hiking and walking Tours in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country for hiking, with a comprehensive range of trails and routes. Probably the best time to enjoy hiking in Portugal is in the spring or autumn, as the summer months would be too hot in most of the regions. So if you fancy exploring Portugal in a different way – see these top ten tours:

Paiva Walkways Small Group Hiking Tour with Lunch

This full day tour takes you to the wonderful "Arouca Geopark" with the Paiva River flowing at the bottom of the valley. You will walk along the 8 Km path and afterwards visit Alvarenga, a pretty village famous for its "Posta Arouquesa", a beautiful piece of grilled beef. The tour finishes with a visit to the production site of "Pinguça" where they produce divine local liquors.

Full Day Walking Tour on the Sanguinho Trail

Along this walk, you will discover a deserted traditional Azorean town and then take the trail up to an amazing waterfall where if you like, you can go swimming. Along the trail you will soak up the atmosphere and enjoy a splendid diversity of flora. Lunch is included along with a Vegetarian option.??Twin Lakes Hiking Tour Along this walk you will visit several small lakes on the mountains. You will be shown one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal. The twin lakes in Sete Cidades are one of the most beautiful and serene places on the island of São Miguel. You will learn all about the lakes and forests.

Full-Day Ribeira Grande Hike with Volcano-Cooked Dinner

This is a 3-hour circular hike taking you through a native Azorean forest and then on to an amazing waterfall whereby you can stop and swim. Afterwards you will enjoy a traditional cozido stew from the volcanic vent, with salads, delicious meats, local wine, and traditional desserts.

Roman Trails Hiking Tour Including Lunch

This is a 7-hour hiking tour complete with lunch. You will explore the Algarve region and discover for yourself all its secret attractions. Along with your guide you will walk the trails around Monchique, which is Algarve´s highest mountain.

Sete Cidades Hike from Ponta Delgada

This is more suited to experienced hikers and is limited to 6 people. It lasts for 7 hours and covers a 7-mile route. You start the tour from Ponta Delgada and visit the gorgeous scenery Lago Verde and Lago Azul. Afterwards you will visit Termas da Ferraria to enjoy a relaxed soak in the natural thermal pools, followed by lunch.

Hiking Tour to Fire Lake

The tours lasts 3-hours and is suitable for beginners. There are morning and afternoon departures with free hotel pickup. After pickup you will drive to Fire Lake and then, begin the trek on a beaten track. During the ascent you will enjoy panoramic views of the Southern coast of S. Miguel and Ribeira da Praia.

Nail Hill Hiking Trail

This is one of the best hiking trails on the island of São Miguel. Firstly, you will visit the very first place on the island that was populated and a splendid waterfall whilst enjoying a picnic! On your way back you will stop at Vila Franca do Campo and look around the village and the islet.

The Lost Village Walking Tour in Sanguinho

The village of Sanguinho is very historic – it was inhabited for a century by a wealthy population that took refuge in this region because of the dangerous overflow of the Faial da Terra River. They built twenty houses, however, the children were not able to get to school so the village was abandoned - hence "The Lost Village". It is a fabulous walk and very interesting to see all the abandoned ruins.

??Hiking in the Azores Islands

This is a morning or afternoon walk and consists of walking along unique trails on the island. Your guide will explain about the Natural and Cultural heritage of the island is given during the walking. The pace is fairly slow so you can enjoy the flora and breathtaking views.

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