The Top Ten Beaches in Italy

Italy is a truly beautiful country - from the enchanting canals of Venice to the rolling hills of Tuscany! There are so many incredible beaches to choose from. However, these are the 10 that come out as the best:

Acquafredda di Maratea Beach, Basilicata

Situated just a few miles from the pretty hamlet of Maratea, this gorgeous stretch of shoreline has the same astonishing blue water and dark gray sand as the Amalfi Coast. However, because its further north it doesn’t attract hundreds of tourists.

Marina Grande Beach, Positano

This beautiful beach is surrounded by cliffs housing staggered picturesque coloured houses that date back to the mid century. There is more than 300 yards of dark sand and neatly arranged rows of umbrellas and lounge chairs which are well spaced giving it and open feeling even in the summer months.

Camogli Beach, Liguria

This lovely beach is in a quaint little fishing village - it is pebbly but very pretty. The ancient Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta sits on the peninsula at the north end of the harbour. The beach is very popular with swimming lessons for the children and also has a beachside drink service.

Scalo Maestro, Marettimo

The island of Marettimo is just off the western tip of Sicily. This cute little beach is one of the few beaches you can get to from the shore. It boasts clear and calm waters – just perfect for snorkelling. Why not charter a boat and explore Marettimo’s hidden caves.

Porto Campana, Sardinia

Campana beachfront has 3 miles of golden soft sand and there is something for everyone. There are various rental kiosks where you can book surfing, kite boarding and paddle boarding. The dunes on the beach are as high as 65 feet making it ideal for just relaxing on a sun bed.

Otranto Beach, Otranto

This delightful bay is in Otranto which is a historic seaside town on the Adriatic coast of southern Italy. It's a quaint place with a lovely atmosphere. The beautiful blue waters, white buildings and diving rocks make this a popular place for swimming and snorkelling.

Poglinano a Mare Beach, Puglia

Nestled in an inlet surrounded by steep cliffs, this area is off the beaten path for most visitors. It is a pebbly beach and you will need to bring a chair. However, the idyllic setting is amazing! Why not visit the cliff side cove and enjoy a meal at the nearby Grotta Palazzese, a superb, romantic restaurant.

Spiaggia di Tuerredda, Sardinia

The sea here is just perfect and because it is sheltered from the bracing Mistral winds, the water remains warm enough for swimming even in October! There are a few beachfront restaurants and kiosks where you can book paddle boarding or kayaking.

Marina del Cantone Beach, Massa Lubrense

This beach is very picturesque but also quite rocky, so ensure you wear sturdy sandals, which will also come in handy if you’re feeling adventurous and want to hike the paths up the cliffs and admire the amazing views of the bay and towns.

Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa

This beach s situated on a tiny island over 100 miles from mainland Italy but is gorgeous! However, the remote location means there won’t be much in the way of facilities – so do bring plenty of necessities. The setting is idyllic with shallow, blue waters and towering cliffs keeping the beach sheltered from strong winds and waves.

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