The Top 10 Places to visit in Germany

With the cultural heart being the capital Berlin, along with its historic cities, the Bavarian Alps, Black Forest, Mosel Valley and the old cathedrals and grand palaces all demonstrating centuries-old traditions - you will be spoilt for choice!. Take a look at the top ten famous attractions:

Brandenburg Gate

This was modelled on the Acropolis in Athens and built for King Frederick William II in 1791. It stands an impressive 26-meters with the spectacular four-horse chariot perched on top. It was also once part of the famous Berlin Wall and for a few decades was symbolic of the division of Berlin into East and West.

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

The towering Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary, Kölner Dom, on the banks of the Rhine is Cologne's most impressive landmark. This masterpiece of High Gothic architecture, is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe and commenced in 1248 and was said to be the most ambitious building project of the middle ages.

The beautiful Black Forest

Known as the beautiful but dark and densely-wooded hills - this is one of the most visited regions in Europe. Descending steeply to the Rhine crossed by lush valleys, its popular spots include the spectacular railway located in Triberg (famous for its outstanding falls), the ski area at Todtnau and the magnificent spa facilities of Baden-Baden.

The Ultimate Fairytale Castle: Neuschwanstein

This is the old town of Füssen, between the Ammergau and Allgäu Alps, a popular alpine resort and winter sports centre and also a good base from which to explore nearby Neuschwanstein Castle, one of Europe's most famous royal castles.

Miniatur Wunderland and the Historic Port of Hamburg

Situated In the heart of the historic Port of Hamburg, this is the world's largest model railway and attracts both young and old alike. Boasting more than 12,000 meters of track, this massive scale model includes sections dedicated to the USA, Scandinavia and Hamburg.

The Rhine Valley

The Rhine is Europe's most important waterway with a total length of 1,320 kilometres; this marvellous river travels from Switzerland through Germany and all the way to the Netherlands. The middle Rhine Valley section is probably the best place to visit as it boasts more than 40 castles and 60 picturesque medieval towns.

Museum Island in Berlin

Known as the Museum Island it lies between the River Spree and the Kupfergraben - a 400-meter-long canal off the river - and includes many of Berlin's oldest and most important museums. The heart of this pedestrian-friendly district is the Old Museum which houses the royal treasures.

Bamberg and the Bürgerstadt

In the valley of the Regnitz where the river divides into two is Bamberg, the old imperial city and is one of the best preserved towns in Germany. Its old quarter is home to the 13th-century cathedral and the old Benedictine abbey of Michaelsberg.

Zugspitze Massif

This is part of the Wetterstein mountain range, the Zugspitze massif is between Germany and Austria and surrounded by steep valleys. The eastern summit, at 2,962 meters, is crowned by a gilded cross and can be reached by the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn, a cog railway, or by cable car.

Sea bridge of Sellin, Rügen Island

This is the largest and most beautiful of all the German Baltic islands. It is divided from the mainland by the Strelasund and attached to the mainland town of Stralsund by a causeway. The beautiful island stems from its different landscapes, including everything from the flat farmland and forest-covered hills to the amazing expansive sandy beaches, lagoons, and lovely peninsulas.

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