The Top 10 Places to visit in Austria

Austria is one of Europe’s smallest countries but that doesn’t stop it attracting holiday-makers all the year-round, in fact their winter is almost as busy as the summer months due to the stunning and beautiful mountain regions. The historic capital is Vienna which lies on the Danube River and is the birthplace of the infamous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and home to many beautiful palaces.

The Vienna Hofburg - Austria's Imperial Palace

This beautiful Palace in Vienna seated Austria's monarchy for centuries. The President now conducts his state business here. The Palace boasts various architectural influences, including Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Rococo, and Classicism. It has amazing gardens and courtyards to wander through.

Mozart's Birthplace

Here in Salzburg you will find No. 9 Getreidegasse, the house where Mozart was born on January 27th, 1756. It is now a museum and the rooms were also where his family lived and are full of mementos, various instruments, and portraits.

The Emperor's Tomb: Hofkirche and the Museum of Maximilian

Innsbruck is the home to the Hofkirche (Court Church) with its spectacular Tomb of Emperor Maximilian I who died in 1519. The monument's main feature is the enormous black marble sarcophagus with a bronze figure of the Emperor.

The Spanish Riding School, Vienna

This historic school dates back to the era of the Emperor Maximilian II, who actually introduced the famous Lipizzaner horses into Austria in 1562. Today, it is the only place where the Classical style of riding preferred by aristocracy is still practiced.

The Styrian Armoury (Landeszeughaus)

Situated In the heart of Graz town is the Landeszeughaus - the Styrian Arsenal. It was built in 1644, and houses a stunning collection of perfectly preserved 17th-century arms and armour including helmets, and weaponry. As you are in Graz, do visit the Landhaus it boasts a beautiful arcaded courtyard with three-storied pergolas and a Renaissance fountain.

Kitzbüheler Horn

Situated in the Tyrol region is one of the most picturesque of Austria's many summits. You can reach it by cableway or by hiking up from the village of Kitzbühel. Once you reach the summit, you will see it was well worth it for the spectacular views which stretch from the south to the Ötztal Alps in the north.

Melk Benedictine Abbey

This is one of the world's most famous monastic sites, and its stunning buildings are displayed within seven courtyards. The most important structure is its twin-towered church towering above on a rocky outcrop high above the town and overlooking the Danube. There is a magnificent abbey and also the tomb of Saint Coloman of Stockerau.

Krimmler Ache: Austria's Tallest Waterfalls

The Krimmler Ache cascades 380 meters in three amazing sections and makes for a splendid excursion from the nearby little village of Krimml. At an altitude of 1,076 meters, Krimml is perched high above the Salzachtal in a scenic valley of woodland – making it a hikers paradise!

Medieval Burg Hochosterwitz

Situated to the east of St. Veit, on a crag elevated 160-meters above the valley, stands the imposing Burg Hochosterwitz which is Austria's most important medieval castle. The castle has a strong turbulent history - it was captured by the Khevenhüllers in 1570 and has remained in the Khevenhüller family ever since.

Dachstein Salzkammergut and the Giant Ice Cave

This spectacular region is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You will love exploring the amazing Dachstein Caves which is one of Europe's most impressive cavern networks and in places are up to 1,174 meters deep. The main highlight is the Giant Ice Cave with its sub-zero summer temperatures and huge caverns with magnificent frozen waterfalls.

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