The Top 10 Places to visit in Albania

Albania may not be as well known as other European countries but it is slowly becoming more popular as there is so much to see and do. It boasts a beautiful rugged coastline with a clear blue Medittteranean sea and fantastic beaches. It also has some of the best architecture in the world. However, a good reason to visit here is that it is much less crowded and a good deal cheaper than other European countries! So if you fancy exploring this gorgeous country, take a look at the best places to visit:

The Albanian Riviera

This is the most popular place in the country for tourists. The Riviera has a growing reputation as a fantastic music location, boasting many international music festivals – including Turtle Fest and Soundwave. The fabulous nightclubs such as Folie Marine in Jale beach and Havana Beach Club near Dhermi attract young people from all over Europe.

The city of Berat

This historic city is located by the river Osum in the middle of the country. In ancient times it was built as a castle and can still be found on the hillside and contains an area with numerous churches and mosques. Berat is also called the ‘city of thousand windows’ due to the houses have unique large window fronts.


Located near to the city of Fier, you will see the ruins of an ancient town, named after the god Apollon. Apollonia was the biggest and most important city in the ancient world. The ruins are stunning and included libraries, temples, theatres and other historical buildings.

The city of Durres

At the coastline of Albania is this famous harbour city. Many cultural events take place throughout the year in the ancient amphitheatre which is one of the most important attractions of this beautiful city. As well as culture and history you will find gorgeous beaches providing lots of fun things to do!


This city was elected a UNESCO world cultural heritage, due to the unique Balkan architectural making up the small castle-like houses all made of stone. The stones controlled the temperature in ancient times and today form the town’s landmark.


Kruja is located about 20 kilometres northeast of the capital. It is situated at the side of the Skanderberg-mountains. It heralds the stunning Kruja castle, which is a national sanctum for the Albanian people. It also has the Skanderberg museum, reminding us of the fearful wars the area went through.

Tirana (capital city of Albania)

Here you will see the famous parliament and government buildings.The city is located on the river and is about 30 kilometres away from the coast. Today it boasts charming modern architecture and cultural facilities. It is adorned with small bustling cafés along the road side giving it a wonderful atmospheric feel.


This city is the fifth largest city of the country. It is located at the lake Skutari on the border to Montenegro. Shkodra is steeped in history, having gone through many Roman battles and conquests. The main attraction is the ruined castle called Rozafa.


This amazing picturesque village is nestled on a small peninsula on the shores of Lake Ohrid. This beautiful lake separates Albania from its neighbour Macedonia. It is an absolute ’must-see’ with its pretty village and plenty of sandy,pebble-strewn beaches ideal for relaxing picnics and paddling.


Saranda is an exciting and vibrant tourist town and one of the country’s most popular destinations. It has an impressive and lively waterfront and is lined with beautiful beaches and plenty of restaurants, cafés and bars serving authentic Albanian and Greek food. Whilst you are here – do visit Lëkurësi, a hilltop location and just perfect for watching the sunset over neighbouring Corfu.

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