The Top 10 Festivals in Spain

Spain is famous for being the country of crazy fiestas and festivals! Nearly every village devise their own unique celebrations; from chucking tomatoes at one another to colourful street lined carnivals. The Spanish festivals are quite out of the ordinary, so if you fancy a unique cultural event – then take a look at the top ten festivals occurring all year round:

The Holy Week (Semana Santa)

This takes place during the Easter period and consists of a whole week filled with processions and religious celebrations whereby people march through the streets with candles and statues of their patron saint. You may not be religious at all, but it is a magnificent event not to be missed!

Carnival Celebrations (Tenerife and Cadiz)

Tenerife has got to be the carnival capital of Europe. The whole month of February holds carnival celebrations. The island is brimming with colour, glitter and glamour, offering all sorts of contests, parades and parties.

The Fallas of Valencia

In the middle of March this fantastic party takes place! For the whole week you will see enormous statues and figures in the city’s streets. They more often than not refer to political or pop-culture events that occurred during the year. Taking a walk along the Fallas route is one of the best ways to explore the city.

La Tomatina

This has to be the craziest tradition ever! It actually started 70 years ago and is held on every last Wednesday of August. It consists of thousands of people throwing tomatoes at each other which marks the conclusion of a whole week of parades, parties, fairs and street markets.

World Pride 2017 in Madrid

Madrid is the International LGBT Capital of 2017, it hosts a large array of events catered towards LGBT people including their families and their friends. The most important event of the year being the World Pride parade which is held from 23rd June until 2nd July, marking a celebration of culture, equality, diversity and tolerance.

 The April Fair of Seville

Well this ‘April’ fair is in fact held at the start of May! The fair commences with traditional lighting of the entrance to the fair grounds at midnight, and for the rest of the week the city is filled with entertainment and colourful flamenco performances. Seville is also a fantastic city to explore.

The Feria del Caballo in Jerez

Held in May, this is the famous horse fair of Feria del Caballo. Expect to see fantastic celebrations, flamenco performances, and the very best of Andalusian gastronomy and of course a great many horses!

 The August Fair in Malaga

The August Fair of Malaga consists of a whole week filled with fun activities and events. It occurs during mid-August, whereupon the city centre will host the feria de dia (fair during the day), with street markets, music and traditional dances. The feria de noche (fair during the night) takes place just outside the city, with attractions, dance tents and food stalls.

The Fiesta Mayor de Gracia in Barcelona

During the summer months, each neighbourhood of Barcelona celebrates its own event. However, none are as creative as the Fiestas de Gracia in August.  The whole area is transformed into a stunning atmospheric place, filled with art and colour.

Saint John's Eve

The eve of June 23rd is special to everyone as it marks the beginning of summer, and is celebrated on the beach with bonfires and fireworks. It is a night full of superstition and a good deal of local folk will jump over the fires and in the waves at midnight, in the belief it will bring them good luck.

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