The Top 10 Attractions in Spain

Turkey has it all including a historic and vibrant culture, sun-soaked Mediterranean beaches, towering mountains and beautiful scenery. So whether you want to visit the historical highlights of Istanbul on a city break, or visit the fantastic ruins at Ephesus, or the amazing natural wonders of Pamukkale, or maybe you would prefer to just laze on a beach – then check out these top ten attractions to suit everyone:

Aya Sofya

Renowned as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, this beautiful museum (Hagia Sophia) is not only one of the top things to do in Istanbul, but also in Turkey. The interior is a reminder of old Constantinople's mighty power and is a definite must for every tourist visiting the country.


Absolutely not to be missed - the mighty ruins of Ephesus which is a city of colossal monuments and marble roads. It is one of the most complete Roman cities in the Mediterranean region. A sightseeing trip here will take at least half a day to cover all the main highlights of the Roman empire – so do ensure you plan well in advance in order not to feel rushed.


Huge cliffs and hill crests are home to fantastic panoramic views. If you do not want to hike up to them, then why not take a hot air balloon ride to capture all the pretty valleys and rock-cut churches of the Byzantine Era.

Topkap? Palace

To see is to believe – this fabulous palace invites inside the opulent world of the sultans. It was from here that the sultans of the Ottoman Era made an entire empire that extended into Europe and way down through the Middle East and into Africa. The interior is lavish to the extreme, all surrounded by gorgeous public gardens to explore.


This is one of Turkey’s natural wonders, the pure white travertine terraces of Pamukkale cascade down the slopes looking like a snow drift amongst the green landscape. There are also the famous ruins of Roman Hierapolis (an ancient spa town) to explore.

Sumela Monastery

The Sumela Monastery (Monastery of the Virgin Mary) is the main attraction for visitors along the Black Sea Coast. It is a very religious complex, with its church interiors crammed with dazzling artefacts and was first opened during the Byzantine era and was only closed in 1923.

Mount Nemrut

This is one of the top sightseeing archaeological sites in Eastern Turkey. This weird and lonely place has to be one of Turkey's most peculiar sites. The giant stone heads of long-forgotten gods stare out from the summit, casting an eerie atmosphere over the barren mountaintop. A simple ‘must’ for all you historians!


Here you will see derelict buildings of the powerful Silk Road city of Ani abandoned on the plains close to Turkey's modern border with Armenia. Once the Armenian capital, Ani's golden age came to an end in the 14th century after Mongol raids, earthquake destruction, and trade routes added to the city's decline.


Just south of Antalya, is the Roman Theatre of Aspendos which celebrates the pomp and ceremony of Marcus Aurelius' rule. It is considered to be one of the finest surviving example of a classical age theatre still standing in the world today!

Yachts moored near Fethiye

Turkey's Mediterranean coastline has so many historic ruins to visit and so much to do and see, but for many people, it is all about soaking up the rays whilst enjoying the gorgeous coastal views. So cruising on a yacht is the number one speciality for visitors to Bodrum and Fethiye. It is a fantastic way to see all the hidden coves, white sandy beaches and little islands.

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