The Best Ways to Explore Rome

Wherever you decide to stay in Rome, you won’t be far from somewhere of interest. Getting around the city is easy enough too, with the most convenient method being public transport or on foot. The bus service operates 24 hours a day, while the metro line links ancient Rome and the main train stations. Although public transport has its place, when it comes to the best way to explore Rome, then there a number of possibilities.

Walk through the city centre

Much of Rome is accessible on foot and often easier than hiring a car, due to pedestrianised roads and the sheer volume of crowds. Join a walking tour of the historic city centre and you can visit the Pantheon theatre, Jewish quarter and Trevi Fountain as well as many other places of interest.

Vespa Tours

If you need to travel quickly and in style or are just after a quick look at the sights, then jump on the back of a Vespa. One of the most authentic and Italian ways of getting from A to B.

Ride around Rome by Bike

The layout of Rome is perfect for 2 wheels, so if the Italian Vespa’s aren’t for you then why not take an organised bike tour. There are various routes available, some cater for those wishing to see famous landmarks while others are designed to uncover an alternative side to the city.

Guided tour of Ancient Rome

Dating back to the 8th century BC, the historical centre piece of Rome is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. There’s the colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and much more. It is recommended to book tickets in advance and online for the best deals, with guided tours available from a number of operators.

Vatican City

Vatican City is home to the Roman Catholic Church and unless you want to risk long queues, booking in advance is highly recommended. Combination tickets are often available with those wishing to visit ancient Rome, which is the most cost effective option. Those wishing to attend an audience with the Pope for religious ceremonies need to join a long waiting list.

Museum Tours

Another combination ticket should include the Vatican Museums, where there are approximately 70,000 pieces of artwork held with around a quarter on display to the public. Book a guided tour of the Sistine Chapel and you will see the famous ceiling by influential artist Michelangelo.

Sightseeing Buses

Bus tours of Rome are a great way to get around the city with either commentary along the route or the option to hop-on, hop-off at famous landmarks. Once at your destination you can then explore as you wish.

Italian Food and Wine Tours

The culinary and gastronomic delights of Italy are almost as famous as some of its monuments. Having built up an appetite during your visit, when it comes to where to you can let someone else make the decision for you. Enjoy the best Italian pizza, pasta and gelato or visit the world famous vineyards with a wide choice of food and wine tours.

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