Rafting in Greece

Rafting in Greece

A visit to Greece is a holiday of a lifetime. It has wonderful climate conditions making it a brilliant destination for every season. It also boasts around 300 days of sunshine per year. Thousands of tourists view the sites in Greece each year. Amazing rivers makes rafting in Greece a popular activity. Greece is rich in culture, has breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and amazing historic architecture. Each place in Greece is authentic and diverse, both in the islands and on the mainland. You could spend years trying to explore all the islands. Every bit of land holds a connection to the historic past.

Every corner you turn, there are ancient sites deriving from various historical periods. Whether it be from remnants of ancient Greek temples to neoclassical mansions and Byzantine monasteries. Greece is just about the best place to visit for rafting due to its wild rivers and fierce landscapes. It is an amazing experience for the buzz of adrenaline seeking and nature lovers alike! You will also discover isolated spots of supreme beauty as you sail past deep gorges and lush green mountain slopes. So, if you are looking to go on a white-water rafting adventure in Greece, take a look at these top five tours on offer:

Greece, Kleidonia - Rafting in Voidomatis River

First on our list is this fabulous experiences rafting in Greece takes place in the heart of the Viko-Aoos National Park. Here, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Voidomatis River with its crystal clear, blue waters and vegetation. Along the way you will visit the ruins of a 16th century Monastery and there is plenty of time to jump into the clear waters and enjoy a refreshing swim in temperatures that are more or less 8 degrees C year round. The tour package includes; an organized rafting base, changing rooms and full rafting equipment i.e. life jacket, paddles and helmet.

Greece, Maratha - Rafting In Alfios River

After being collected from base you will arrive in Maratha Village and your guide will greet you for the two hour river run. Alfios River flows through the village and is the longest river in Peloponnese. It was known in Greek mythology a god-river who fell in love with the nymph Arethusa. After you have completed the river run, you will be taken back to the base and served a delicious lunch which is included in the price. Again, as with the above rafting experience, all equipment is included.

Greece, Trikomo – Rafting in the Milepotamos River

This is the ultimate adrenaline white water rafting experience. It has difficulties from 3rd, 4th and 5th degree in the national scale and is certainly one for the more audacious of you out there! The Milleopotamos River is a flow of clean, cold water surrounded by exceptional landscapes of large old pine trees in the mountains of Pindos and finishes at the gorge of Spileo (cave).

Greece, Feli - Rafting in the Venetikos River 

The Venetikos River is one of the longest rivers in Greece and stretches from the mountains of Epirus to the plains of Grevena. Additionally it is a stunning location to enjoy rafting with some incredible views along the way. Likewise you will also discover how the diverse river formulates so many different habitats. You will start the run at the ‘Gates of Venetikos’ and finish at the gorgeous village of Agapi, Grevena. All equipment is included along with the help of an expert guide.

Greece, Feli - Rafting in the Aliakmonas River 

Alternatively, this great rafting in Greece experience is an exciting fun time for all the family.  The River Aliakmonas in Grevena offers a medium grade adventure as the rapids take you away on a journey filled with excitement. Amazing rock formations cover the 6km route. Along the way discover the birds and mammals that live in the region. The wildlife and flora landscapes make this adventure extraordinary. Wonderful scenery is one of the many reasons people flock to Greece. Sun and sand helps too! So what are you waiting for thrill seekers? Go ahead and book your river rafting in Greece today. Try something different with Tourily.com. The crew will enjoy the ride as much as you do when they take you river rafting in Greece.