New and exciting experience holidays in France

How about trying something really new and exciting on your next trip to France? From taking to the skies in a hot air balloon to exploring the eerie troglodyte caves. Here are some new and exciting experiences in France - you should try at least once!

Take a Hot-Air Balloon Ride

Want to view the famous sites in France in a different way? So, if you are not afraid of heights, then settle into a hot-air balloon for a gentle yet fabulous experience flying high above France. You could fly above the amazing Loire Chateaux, the Dordogne valley villages or even the enthralling Auvergne volcanoes.

Go Stargazing

If you love gazing at the sky at night but would like to know more about what you are going to see – then this is for you! Astrotourism is really taking off in France and there lots of options to please aspiring astronomers. You can visit a dedicated observatory, situated in several regions of France, or visit the Futuroscope theme park and even book an astronomy-themed holiday.

Stay in a Tree House

Well this is a new and exciting experience - climb up and settle in a tree house for an unforgettable night among the trees, listening to the scurrying of all the night creatures and the rustling sounds of the night. This is fantastic fun for children and all you big kids out there! You can stay in luxury wooden ‘castles in the trees’ complete with hot tubs, or modest but cosy tree huts.

Sleep in a Zoo

Why not treat the family to this new and exciting experience and stay a night in a lodge built right inside a zoo! This popular trend with its special accommodation is gradually spreading in France as a good deal of zoos are now offering various accommodation options - from luxury lodges to comfortable yurt tents that overlook the lion’s pen or the arctic wolves’ sanctuary.

Horse Carriage Ride in the Loire Valley

There is something magical about hearing the sound of hooves clip-clopping along the pavements or country lanes as two lovely carthorses pull a cute wooden carriage. Travelling in a horse-drawn carriage is a lovely way to see the beautiful French countryside as the gentle pace allows you to really take in the surrounding scenery. The local tourist offices will advise on rides in your area.

Drive a 2CV

Can there be anything more new and exciting or even more iconic than the famous ‘Deux Chevaux’! Well now you can relive the magical days of the infamous Citroen car by going on a delightful tour in a 2CV. You can hire one and drive yourself, or if you prefer be driven in one. One thing is for certain – the wind will whip up your hair as you race around France.

Visit the Troglodytes

These ancient and interesting cave dwellings are scattered all along the River Loire, deep inside the amazing limestone cliffs. Many years ago they used to be inhabited by the Troglodytes who were hermit cave-dwellers. Nowadays, these old caves and subsequently, the old quarries, have been turned into hotels, museums, wineries and you will even find animal zoos!

Skijoëring Experience

If you would like something completely different during your next skiing holiday, then why not give skijoring a go! The word is actually Norwegian and translated means ‘ski driving’. You are still on your skis but harnessed to something that will pull you along. Traditionally this was by two dogs, but now you can have a horse or a motor vehicle pulling you along the slopes.

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