Hiking in Germany

If you are planning a hiking holiday in Germany, map out your routes before you leave home or book a guided hiking tour. Upper Bavaria has a variety of attractions although many people come to the area for hiking. When walking, Germany has many areas which are ideal for active holidays and Upper Bavaria is just one of these. Germany is a region which connects with both Austria and the Czech Republic and has hundreds of square miles of natural beauty.

Hiking holidays in Germany are very popular as they offer good value for money and Upper Bavaria encompasses the Bavarian Alps which form a natural border with Austria. When many people consider the Alps, Bavarian mountains are not the first area they think of, but these are just as beautiful as the parts of the range found in Austria and France. In Germany, leisure time is important and this area is particularly popular with German nationals, and more and more visitors from abroad are discovering the rich culture and history of the area too. The Bavarian Alps is home to a number of castles and palaces, with history dating back hundreds of years and the pretty village of Oberammergau attracts thousands of visitors each time it stages the world-famous passion play. Visiting the Bavarian Alps means that you are ideally placed to take a trip to Munich.

It is just an hour away and is a must for those who are interested in culture and history as it is home to many fine galleries and museums. A little more tranquil than Munich is the Benediktbeuern monastery. Hiking holidays in Germany cover many areas, but Bavaria is one of the most visited for its stunning scenery alone. This part of Germany is also home to Mt. Zugspitze, where you can take a ride up to the top of the mountain in one of Europe's longest cable car rides, though you can always take the mountain railway if you prefer the leisurely approach. Situated on the German-Austrian border, there are restaurants and observation decks which give the visitor the chance to see for miles around. German lake and mountain areas would not be complete without a warm welcome from the locals.

They keep the old traditions alive and make visitors a part of daily life and you will not be disappointed if you expect to see them in traditional dress. When on holiday, Germany has much to offer visitors of all ages. Upper Bavaria may not be at the top of everybody's list for a holiday destination, but you will find that it has something for everyone and you may feel that you need to come back again to take in all the sights that you couldn't fit into your schedule the first time around. Whether you want to embark on a challenging hike or a gentle stroll in Germany, Bavaria offers stunning scenery, beautiful lakes and some of the most picturesque countryside in Europe.

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