Explore the Italian Coastline

When it comes to beautiful beaches and wonderful coastlines, Italy is filled with them. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, millions of tourists arrive each year. Many decide to abandon city life and head to the cost, so if you’re thinking of joining them here are just some suggestions.


The rugged coastline of Cinque Terre comprises of 5 villages, all of which are worth a visit in their own right. It is however Manarola that attracts the most visitors and it is here where you can start one of many hiking trails. Walking tours will take you along Via dell'Amore ("Love's Trail") from Manarola to the nearby Riomaggiore.


Once you have finished your walk, you will arrive at Riomaggiore where you can venture out into the villages vineyards. Cinque Terre, with its waters edge and mountain terrain has been a national park for years, perfect for hiking and walking holidays or to hop on a bike ride.


Maybe you’ve already reached the peaks of the mountains and are looking for somewhere a little more gounded. Sorrento is in prime location, with the Amalfi Coast to the North and countryside a plenty in the East, the island of Capri is also just a short boat trip away.

Polignano a Mare

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea are the cliffs of Polignano a Mare. Although the historical town is known more these days for holding regular cliff-diving competitions.


You will find plenty of impressive yachts in the harbour of Portofino, some may even be available to hire. If that’s the case, then treat yourself to a private boat tour of Italy’s coast. For those of you wishing to venture inland, the castle presents incredible views of the area.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Amalfi Coast features this pretty commune of the same name. The dramatic cliff face stands on the Sorrentine Peninsula, where Amalfi itself may only be small but the coast stretches 50km along the water’s edge.


The island of Sardinia is situated out to sea, away from Italy’s mainland. It’s capital Cagliari is in the south and easy to reach with a number of popular excursions and boat trips. As a destination for tourists, there are plenty of Roman monuments as well as a vibrant nightlife.


Just off what is affectionately known as the “toe” when you look at the “boot” of Italy, you will find Sicily. The large Mediterranean island is surrounded by water, it’s rich in history and with a number of ruins to visit makes for the perfect day excursion. In Italy there are several commercial airports to fly into and getting around is easy with plenty of public transport. Elsewhere the busy ports cater for passenger ferries and cruise ships. Explore the Italian Coastline, with an endless choice of pre-arranged tours and personally tailored trips available. When it comes to the more popular tourist attractions, we strongly recommend booking in advance.

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