Cyprus sightseeing

If you are planning to do some Cyprus sightseeing, make sure you book a guided sightseeing tour before you leave home to make the most of your visit to this beautiful island. Cyprus is blessed with over 320 days of glorious Mediterranean sunshine every year and the temperature seldom drops below 18 degrees centigrade even in winter. That's if you can call December to February a winter at all. Limassol is another popular tourist destination thanks to its cultural city and well maintained beaches suitable for sunbathing and swimming, Limassol also plays hosts to numerous festivals in the summer which tourists can enjoy at their own leisure. Both tourists and the busy port help support the economy of this ancient city. An interesting part of the town in the wine growing regions on the southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains, visitors are invited to walk around the beautiful area and taste some of the fine wine available from this region. Other popular destinations for sightseeing in Cyprus are the ancient areas of Larnaca and Kyrenia.

Cyprus is so steeped in history and mythological stories that it is impossible not to delve more into the culture of the cities to learn more about this fascinating island. Most Cypriots speak excellent English as a second language and it's taught in all the schools even at primary level. Cypriots also drive on the left and all the road signs are in English as well as Greek so getting around is much the same as back home but with the added bonus of sunshine! For people who just want to relax without being hassled Cyprus is the perfect holiday destination. With miles of sandy beaches and delightful secluded bays you are sure to find somewhere to chill out whilst you enjoy sightseeing in Cyprus.

The Island is steeped in centuries of rich cultural history so there is more than enough to keep even the most enthusiastic culture vultures occupied. If you want to see more of Cyprus whilst on your holiday be sure to check out the many excursions that are on offer to all those places of interest. Or even better, you could take advantage of some of the excellent Cyprus car hire deals and enjoy the freedom of seeing Cyprus at your own pace. However you decide to enjoy your holiday in Cyprus whether it's relaxing on the beach or taking in the vibrant night life in the many bars and restaurants the Island has something for everyone. From pretty little coastal resorts tucked avoiding the hustle and bustle to the thriving holiday towns with every possible amenity. Until you experience sightseeing in Cyprus for yourself you can never completely fathom why so many holiday makers return to her beautiful shores year after year. Many of those visitors have fallen so much in love with Cyprus that they have purchased a home of their own there but that's another story!

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