Budapest Shopping Tour

You can go shopping along your local high street almost any day of the year. Likewise with the power of the internet at your fingertips, it’s easy to sit back and buy the latest trend at the click of a button. These days you don’t even need to open up the laptop, it’s all readily available on your mobile phone. However if you venture out on a Budapest shopping tour, you will find there's a lot more to going shopping when you're on holiday. So what makes shopping in Hungary different? Well, if you’re a shopaholic then no matter where in the world a personalized shopping trip is going to appeal.

It could be hunting down a bargain or going in search of the next big designer label. It’s also a good excuse for when you’re sightseeing and on a walking tour of a new city, if you see something you like then it would be rude not to have a look. Even with a large number of shops closing down due to the convenience of home shopping, in Budapest they seem to be on an increase. The city centre still remains the obvious place to head to for those big corporate chains, although individual stores are being replaced by larger shopping malls. Deák Ferenc Utca is great for designer labels, including the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste.

Budapest Shopping Tour

It is these areas you can find easily when looking online, but for those wishing for a more unique experience, you will want to shop with a local. This is where local tours such as Made in Budapest come in. There aren’t any corporate chains on this shopping tour, in fact quite the opposite with almost everything made or sourced in Budapest. If you are sight-seeing in Hungary, then the tour meets at the Budapest’s Central Market Hall. It should already be on your “to-do” list, so when you book on Made in Budapest arrive early enough to take a look around. Your guided tour will then take you off the beaten track, exploring areas that artists have made into their own.

There’s an art workshop that makes the most of recycled items, handmade hats, Budapest designers and boutique fashion stores, a porcelain gift shop and much more. The shopping tour also include a stop in a coffee shop for a cuppa and something to eat, where you can people watch as the world passes you by. If you’re looking for ideas for other things to do in Budapest, then ask your guide for tips of what else to do in the wonderful city. So go ahead and try something different, book your Budapest shopping tour in Hungary today.

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