Activities in Croatia

If you are looking for a range of activities in Croatia, you will be spoilt for choice in with a wide choice of attractions and sports on offer. Sports fans can indulge in cycling, scuba diving, sailing, hiking, windsurfing, football and a choice of adventure tours. Enjoy a mountain-bike trail around the small island of Mljet with its daunting hills and beautiful lakes. For lovers of water sports Croatia is a mecca for scuba divers. If you enjoy fishing you will find various sites dotted around Croatia. The fish species found in the Adriatic Sea are numerous and include sea bass and tuna.

Enjoy excellent fishing in Ston and on Brac Island, near Split. The tradition of water polo in Croatia dates back to the late 1920's. The sport started in the town of Korcula where matches were held in the east which was suitable as it was sheltered from western winds. In the early eighties windsurfing in Croatia became a competition sport. A regular Croatian Windsurfing Cup and Croatian Windsurfing Championships are organized each year. Two of the top spots for windsurfing are Bol on the island of Brac and Viganj on Peljesac peninsula. Today, another popular water sport is kite surfing which is one of the most exciting activities in Croatia. Football in Croatia is known as "nogomet" and is the most popular team sport in Croatia.

Till now the two most popular clubs in the country are rival clubs Hajduk from Split and Dinamo from Zagreb. In the 1990’s Croatia became independently recognized by the governing bodies of football FIFA and UEFA. Rafting down the rivers of Croatia is a wonderful way to experience the great outdoors, the lush forests and mountains. The grade of difficulty for most rivers is 3 but rises to grade 4 on the Dobra and Una rivers. Some popular rivers for rafting are: Cetina river, Kupa River, Dobra river, Mreznica river and Korana river. With a stunning coastline, beautiful national parks, mountainous interior rivers and forests, Croatia offers a wealth of sporting activities. Sljeme is a place popular for skiing in Zagreb, the home of world cup skiing events. Velika is famous for snowboarding. Croatian mountains offer a range of hikes and climbs to suit all levels of fitness.

For holidaymakers, Croatia offers stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and historical, cultural, adventure and sporting activities. Full of remarkable national parks and local towns, an activity trip to Croatia is a completely magical experience. Whether you are looking for adrenalin-fuelled activities, such as cross country skiing or white water rafting, or you prefer something a little more tranquil, such as walking through the national parks, you will find everything you wish for in Croatia. If you are planning to travel to Croatia, book an activity tour before you travel to make the most of your time when you arrive there!

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