6 awesome things to do in Zagreb

The largest city in Croatia, Zagreb lies beside the Sava River in the south of Medvednica Mountain. Guided tours of the cultural and historical sites of Zagreb give visitors information about the city while exploring the main sights and attractions at their own leisure. Zagreb is divided into two parts – Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and Doji Grad (Lower Town). Gornji Grad is home to monuments and modern attractions - everything expected of a top tourist destination. Donji Grad is known for its shops, cafes, museums and parks. Other major attractions situated just outside the city centre are accessible by bus or tram.

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This Cathedral was once known as St. Stephen´s Cathedral, and is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary to Heaven. The Gothic cathedral is known among English-speaking visitors as Zagreb Cathedral although its official name is Katedrala Marijina Uznesenja. The building was renovated after the damage which was done to it in the 1880 earthquake, which completely destroyed the bell tower and original dome.

The Mirogoj Cemetery

This cemetery is situated away from Zagreb city centre and is easily accessible by public transport. The cemetery was designed by Hermann Bollé in 1876 at the base of Mount Medvednica and is one of the top 10 cemeteries in Europe. Ornate structures and greenery cover 7 acres of space. Many of Croatia´s most famous former residents are buried here. Historical and cultural tours of Zagreb are highly recommended and come with informative guides who will explain the history of the city’s most famous landmarks.

The Medvednica Nature Park

This nature park was first established in 1981 and is situated on the slopes of Mount Medvednica. During summer the park is popular with locals and visitors alike, and in winter the wide slopes are used for skiing and snow-boarding. Skiing equipment can be hired at the park. Visitors who don´t want to hike to the top of Sljeme Mountain can take a cable car from Bliznec to the summit or visit the Veternica cave system, containing prehistoric remains.

Jarun Lake

Jarun Lake is situated in the southwest of Zagreb and was originally formed by an inlet of the Sava River. The lake is a popular spot with outdoor sports enthusiasts who can enjoy activities such as sailing, swimming and windsurfing on the lake. Lots of restaurants and cafés around the lake provide plenty of opportunities to eat, drink and be merry well into the night. Take a guided tour of Jarun Lake to learn more about the history of this picturesque region.

Zagreb City Zoo

Mishamir Park is home to Zagreb City Zoo, which is one of the most popular attractions in the city. The park was opened in the late 18th Century and includes five lakes, the zoo itself and a cafe. The park is free to enter although there is a charge for the zoo.

Andautonia Achaeological Park

The Andautonia Archaeological Park is situated near the village of Scitarjevo, close to Zagreb, on the remains of an ancient Roman town of the same name. Previous excavations at the site would suggest a rich cultural centre which is now open to visitors. Plenty to explore including streets and colonnades.

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