Five Tours that will Show You the Beauty of Japan

Japan is a truly wonderful country offering everything you could ever wish for and more besides.  As well as the impeccable travel experience; Japan is rich in nature with a distinctive culture, amazing landscapes, snow-covered volcanoes and fascinating cuisine.

Only when you have visited Japan will you get to understand the unique culture and the Japanese way of living.

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Heading to Canada for the First Time

If you are heading to Canada for the first time – here are the things you must do!

Visiting Canada – Things You Must Do 

Firstly, if you travelling to Canada from a foreign country (including the US) you must have the correct travel documents. You will of course, need a valid passport. While some countries may also require a visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before entering. To get the correct information on visas and the eTA, visit the government of Canada’s website.

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